And just who IS the Good Thyme Girl?

My real name is Carel and I'm still turning into what I want to be.  Right now I hang my hat in the Dept. of Humanities at San Francisco State University. This follows many false starts or short forays in art, design, Sociology and Scandinavian. I’m currently faculty in Middle East and Islamic Studies, having studied Islamic Art History at UCLA. I worked in Turkey on memory and architecture and have written a book about it. (Ask me.) My current work is on Armenians in the diaspora who make journeys of "return" to the places from which their families were wrenched.  In 2008, I married the guy who would have been my HS sweetheart if I’d only known him then: Fred, a professor at U. Chicago in Middle East History. We travel a lot. Back and Forth. My 2 daughters in Oakland are repairing the world: Alanya (with Mike) as a mediation counselor in inner city Jr. Highs; Rumeli (with Cyrus) as a social worker with at risk Spanish speaking immigrants. Three grandsons: Selim and Naveed (Alanya) and Sandriz (Rumeli.) Fred's kids are in Chicago: his son Alex is a college adm assistant, en route to being a policeman.  Alex's sweetheart blogs at Hannalamode (linked to GTG.) Fred's daughter, Lucy, just finished art school with a touching documentary (with her Mom's help) on the orphanage in Celaya from which she hails and to which she returns to give love and elbow grease.  She blogs at LuciaDonner (linked to GTG).

This blog follows the civilian me.