Monday, April 10, 2017

Passover Again April 8, 2017

Would you let this man cook your Passover Brisket?



The Seder went from Generation to Generation

And the table went from Mitzrayim to Canaan

Deborah L!

Former Matherine, Andrew, plus the famous Flossie

Getting Hatted UP



Paul, on left, giving up wine in sadness about the 10 plagues suffered by the Egyptians,

We all wore Plague Masks......:) 

Mom’s BRISKET made by Cyrus,
                   RECIPE BELOW other Recipes by request)
+ a beer free brisket for Catherine
Sweet Potato, Carrot, Parsnips and Prunes Vegan Tzimmes
Roasted POTATOES over onions.
Salad with minced vegetables and seeds made by Steve
            Dressing by Alanya
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Steamed Green beans
Roasted Red peppers
Toffee’d Matza with chocolate.  Made by Alanya. Some with nuts, and
some vegan (coconut oil instead of butter.)
Vegan cookies

.Mom's Passover Brisket  serves 8-10

MAKE at least a day before.  Slice before reheating in its sauce

When cooking the onions, also do some for the potatoes (see below)

2 Tb Oil
4 onions, sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced,
         Heat oil in skilled and saute onions and garlic,   
6 lbs beef brisket

Place in large roasting pan and put meat on top, fat side up.  

2 12oz cans beer
Pour in beer,  Bake at 500 for 30 minutes 

10 Tb onion soup mix, minimum
4 Tb tomato paste, minimum
8 Tb brown sugar , minimum

 Combine onion soup mix with enough water to make a paste with tomato paste and brown sugar.  Spoon over the brisket. 

3-5  carrots, peeled and sliced
2 parsnips, peeled and sliced
1/4  cup chopped parsley

Add carrots, parsnips, parsley and remaining beer,  reduce heat to 325 , COVER and bake for 3  1/2 to 4 hours at least  probably a lot more--- until very tender.

1/4 lb dried pitted prunes

Add prunes the last hour of baking, or at the very end, after cutting the roast up.  They can cook during reheating.

Cool, slice.  Refrigerate for serving the next day.  Reheat in the oven,  or in a huge dutch oven on the stove. This can go on during the Seder.

 We now make the potatoes separately in order to be vegetarian friendly.   However, the general way is to:

Halve or quarter small potatoes.
 Cook [boil or instant pot] till almost but not quite tender.
Add some butter or oil to the water so it doesn't boil over.
Slice a lot of onions, put on a Pam-sprayed  baking sheet.   Put that in a hot oven and let them cook til pearly. (or cook onions separately on the stove.)
 Put potatoes on them, with paprika.  Let it brown.

When the brisket is done and when you are re heating it,
put potatoes around the meat on top of the sauce,

or  do this all separately with the onions and paprika.  Add a little water so it won't burn, heat with a lot of butter or olive oil, and serve in a separate dish.