Friday, February 24, 2017

Shabbat with Bruce! Feb 24, 2017

Bruce V. is in town! A reason to gather!   Yaay!   
Our families, including MMR, would be so happy.
Neal and Ann drove up from San Mateo.  Otherwise, the usual Shabbat Crew, minus Alanya who was out of town and minus Cyrus who was out of sorts.  :)

The Menu

The menu was "MOROCCAN ROULETTE,"  or something like that -- all new, untried dishes, except Mather Mac, which is pretty consistent, give or take..) 

EGGPLANT in DATE SAUCE:  beyond superb. [from Mangomom]
This is before I stirred the date sauce into the eggplant (which had been browned in 3 batches]

                I made 3x the amount, twice as much as needed, so used the leftovers to make borek.
BEETS with CARDAMON, YOGURT, GINGER and MINT: I used pre-cooked beets from Costco.  The yogurt sauce was wonderful. Recipe from Snakistan by Sally Butcher via here.

RICED-BROCCOLI "PILAV" with TJ candied orange peel and fresh grated carrots.

 Next time, it will be perfect because I will microwave the brocolli, add in the orange peel and carrots, and mix in either fresh ginger or some of the yogurt sauce, from the beets, above.  I've already tried this and it's moist, crunchy, spicy  I used Gourmet Garden's "lightly dried" ginger...  easy to keep on hand when you are out of fresh, and just about as good.  I'm a convert.
Mather MAC:  always perfect

Good, and good cold, the next day.  From here.
JICAMA SALAD with Herbs, Sumac, and Pomegranate Molasses  Next time, no sumac, and chop the herbs more coarsely.  But Jicama was great, and it lasted for days in the frig.

1 med jicama,  cut into chunks
1 cup chopped parsley, cilantro, mint, whatever.  More herbs OK! go heavy on parsley
Next time: some green onions, basil
Pour over a dressing of
1 garlic clove, crushed  [should add garlic, but not with Neal and Ann]
1 tablespoon tomato paste, diluted with 2 tablespoons Lime Juice (+more juice to taste)
3 Tb pomegranate molasses
[2 teaspoons sumac [I'd omit this next time]
BANANA COOKIES: not as amazing as I thought they would be, but I couldn't stop eating them.  [from here.]


Lots of songs this Shabbat.
and lots of Fruit of the Vine
Mikej and Bruce 
wondering if dinner will ever be ready.
Much relieved.
Dreese making one of his "potions" 
under the patient eye of Naveed
You want me to drink the potion??
Uncle Neal with Selim: --looking at a baseball site?

Uncle Neal with Naveed.  I don't know who won Please advise.

MorMor with Dreese
 Rumeli and Mom
Selim, after working on his Four Sons Midrash.  GOOD JOB, Selim!

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