Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Shananigans

Hyde Park, CHICAGO.

 FEB 14th 2012
 A make-our-own liqueur Sundae
We were going to go "out on the town" ... at least for a drink.  

Instead, we foraged in the 'frig and made a Spanish Tortilla (a tor-tom-elette?) with green chard, green chiles and Irish cheese.  

This way we could concentrate our efforts on DESSERT.

We foraged for this, too, but our larder was forthcoming.
Here is Fred, foraging..

We used ALL of these:
    which we fried in butter, adding brown sugar

Ice Creams
    we used up what we had
          Cookies and Cream,  and Coffee 
                (not all that much, really...)

then we added the

Maraschino Cherries
Whipped Cream
Fenton’s Fudge Sauce
Mrs. Richardson’s Butterscotch Sauce
& Heart cookies made by Lucy and Lou

We only used two of these Liquers

White Crème de Cacao
Dark Crème de Cacao
Crème de Banana
Hazelnut iquer
Bailey’s Irish Crème


Let me tell you, it was GOOD!

Fred gave me this CARD (Wherever you are is paradise...)(awww)
and 3 Chocolate Bars;

I made him a "You are My Nazarlik" nazarlik.  
(The sticker is on a peppermint.  I had saved a pink foil-wrapped chocolate heart for this purpose, but it melted while I was crafting. So I ate it, of course.)

 A Couldn't Be Sweeter Day....