Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hanna and Alex for a weeknight dinner

 Hyde Park, CHICAGO

 Hanna and Alex for a Weeknight Dinner  
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So Fred's kids, Alex and Lucy, plus Alex's sweetheart Hanna aka Hannalamode are regulars at 54th St.

Alex comes by most frequently because he's still in that cute stage: the "Can-do-the-Laundry-at-Dad's" stage.  It almost broke my heart when Rumeli grew out of that, having moved to 43rd St.  Oh well, she's on to the "Adult Baby-Talk" stage in solidarity with Dreese.

Lucy (and Lou) being in Mexico,  Hanna and Alex were chez nous on their own.  They gave a thumbs up to the Tapenade.  Also on the menu:  Fred's Parmesan Cod, one of Hanna's favorites.  Stay tuned.

Sun-dried Tomato, Caper & Kalamata Tapenade Dipping Sauce

•3 oz soft (not packed in oil) sun-dried tomatoes, cut up and then steeped in boiling very hot water, just to cover).  If not the semi soft kind, soak in boiling water till they are really softened.
(Not sure how tomatoes packed in oil would work, as they are not soft and have a distinctive flavor.  but go ahead and try if you'd like.  Let me know.)

•½  cup pitted kalamata or other good olives
•¼ cup capers, rinsed of brine & drained
•1 cup + really nice olive oil,

•2 lg cloves garlic, pressed 

Here, the tomatoes are soaking, the olives are measured out and oil and garlic are added.  Capers are drained.

Place all ingredients (including the soaking water) in food processor or blender. Pulse until nice and mushy. Add more oil if needed.

Taste for salt and pepper (mine needed salt,) but remember you might be adding some Parmesan.

Place in a shallow bowl for dipping.  Surround with extra oil if you’d like.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice,
Top with Finely grated Parmesan cheese.

It makes a lot...2 cups-ish.  

But it holds well in the frig and can be re-plated again and again and still be delicious.  Add a bit more oil each time, and fresh cheese.   

Or forget the cheese, who needs it anyway?

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